Plan B Virtual 10k

I thought racing was on hold, but then I found a virtual race and asked colleagues to join in on the challenge. 
What is Plan B Plan B is a series of run challenges set up by the website Find A Race, which I use regularly to (wait for it) find races around the UK.
Find A Race website
Since events were getting postponed because of the pandemic ('Plan A' so to speak), Find A Race created Plan B.
The idea is you sign up for and complete a single or cumulative distance challenge, and after submitting evidence, they send you a medal.
All profit from entries went to the World Health Organisation's COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Why Plan B Well clearly because Plan A didn't work out!
In all seriousness, I never thought of doing a virtual race. But I really value the Find A Race service, so when I got their email mentioning it, I thought, why not.
Who knows when the next race will be. Forming a pandemic running group After hearing about the race, I started mentioning it to …

Run Falmouth Half Marathon

My first half marathon race took me down to Cornwall. It was the hilliest and toughest course I've ever run, but I'm proud to report I ran it all.
Why Falmouth After a year spent 10k running around the UK, I wanted my first half marathon race to be epic in some way.

I thought going down to Cornwall would check that box. Because that would involve one incredibly long train ride. Even longer than Tenby. 

There were a few other options in the UK on the table, but my friend Jamie (who did the Anglesey run with me last year) wanted to join me on the run, and we agreed on Falmouth.

And just to convey how far Falmouth is away from Edinburgh, here's a screenshot of Google Maps I took while I was there. The blue dot is Falmouth.
Racing in a pandemic Before getting into the details of this trip, I have to acknowledge the elephant in the room: racing during a global pandemic.
It's something that's been making me feel quit nervous generally, and it felt unclear in the days le…

Edinburgh Winter Run 5k

My first race in 2020 was a 5k around Arthur's Seat with some of my favorite people.
Why Edinburgh Winter Run I had already planned my inaugural race of the year when a surprising email came into my work inbox shortly before Christmas.
The University of Edinburgh was sponsoring this winter run, and emailed all staff to say they would subsidize half the entry fee for the first 500 employees who signed up.
So for £6.50, never have I been so quick to sign up to a race. I then immediately emailed all my running coworkers to say, "we're all doing this, yes?!". 
Sure enough, we were all doing this. The least likable t-shirt One of the big selling points of the run was that the University was going to give its staff entrants a 'branded running top to wear on the day'. 
I was quite excited by this. I've never run representing a team before. Getting to represent my alma mater and employer, along with my colleagues, felt really special.
Until I got the shirt. When …