Tweed Valley Tunnel Trail Run 10k

I ran my first ever trail run - and probably my last. Peebles may have had beautiful scenery, but navigating through muddy terrain is unappealing.
Why Peebles While I love that these races take me away for the weekend, I wanted my October run closer to home as I will be traveling to the US at the end of the month. 
Peebles checked the boxes for both close and somewhere new. Plus, I was intrigued by the idea of a trail run as I had never done one before, so this presented a new challenge.
The main selling point, though, is that the race has a stretch under an old railway tunnel that they light up in funky colors. So a bit more excitement than the tunnels in Bath. The journey I've done trains and planes, but for Peebles, I had the luxury of a car ride. I ran the race with my coworker Tim who very kindly drove us to the race.
No travel mishaps on the way down. Maybe a few on the way back. We'll get to that later. The run Muddy hell The weather when we arrived was overcast, but no…

GO! Festival Ayr 10k

I slashed my PB by almost a minute in Ayr and got to finish it all off watching the most amazing plane-firework spectacle.
Why Ayr As I was sorting out my running calendar for the year, I realized I didn’t have any races planned in Scotland.
Not that I didn’t want to run in Scotland, but in the quest to see new places, most of those were south of the border.
However, the GO! Festival Ayr 10k was the first one I came across this side of the border that was a) in a place I’ve never been before and wanted to go, and b) had some unique selling points.
These points included a late afternoon start time (I don’t like morning running) and a firework and air display at night after the race. All for £20, which is cheap in the racing world.
To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the display, but boy-oh-boy was I wrong to have to little faith. But we’ll get to that later. The journey No drama to report. I successfully changed trains in Glasgow. In all, it takes a little over 2 hours to get…

Two Tunnels Railway Race 10k

It was a double city adventure in Bristol and Bath, and a tired run through old railway tunnels.
Why Bristol / Bath Bristol and Bath were both on my travel list, and I knew whichever city I ran in, it would be an opportune time to visit the other. They're only a 12-minute train ride away from each other.
I had come across the Two Tunnels races in Bath on the Find A Race website early on in my searches; they run the event 4 times a year. 
I was keen on this one because you get to run through (surprise) 2 old railway tunnels. Much like running over a bridge in Anglesey, running through tunnels in Bath seemed cool. The journey I ended up flying to Bristol because getting the train was more expensive. Flying means less time traveling, though, which was good for trying to squeeze in 2 cities to a weekend. The nicest headrest Although there is a bus to the airport near my house, the timetable wasn't in my favor, so I got a bus uptown and took the Airlink express. 
I mention this fac…