Run Aintree 10k

Liverpool was freezing, but I still got my third-best 10k result.
Why Liverpool When I thought of this running idea, I made a list of cities I wanted to visit and tried to find races in them.

Liverpool was on that list, and I was happy to see there was a 10k at Aintree Racecourse because February, much like January, had slim pickings in terms of the types of races I'd consider doing.
The journey I mentioned in my last post that I was worried that rail strikes would prevent me from getting to Liverpool, but luckily, it ended up affecting services that were scheduled after I was set to arrive in the city.
That being said, the service I originally booked on to and that was listed on my physical train ticket ended up not existing in the end, and I may have had a mild panic that I was going to have to pay extra on the train because I didn't have the right ticket. Thankfully, that didn't happen.
What did happen, though, was on my second train, I ended up sitting next to a door bet…

Carlisle Resolution 10k

I ran my first 2019 10k, achieved a personal second-best time and learned the charms of the city of Carlisle.
Why Carlisle Why was I so eager to start my year off just south of the Scottish border?

I wasn't. It's just that January 10k options are pretty slim. It's not exactly an ideal running month, and every other race I read about sounded hilly, muddy or too far away in a month where I was taking a chance on the weather being okay to travel. Plus, I rather spend the least amount of money in the least nice month (yeah, January, I'm talking smack about you).

That being said, I'm happy I kicked off this year in Carlisle. I got some weird looks from people when I said this was my first race, dumbfounded as to why would I travel there. But as far as an easy-to-get-to, cheap place to go on a run and see an interesting thing or two, Carlisle ain't so bad.
Visiting the castle I'm aiming to be budget-conscious on these trips since travel, accommodation and a race …

My 2019: wait, Lauren runs now?

In 2019, I'm running a 10k race each month somewhere different in the UK.

Sorry, what was that?

I need to keep reminding myself that a year ago that would have been an unbelievable statement.

Up until the start of 2018, regular exercise was something I actively avoided. I spent my childhood indoors watching television and studying all the time.

Not much changed when I moved to Edinburgh for university except that I was walking a lot more to get from place to place.

But that all changed in January 2018 when I felt the need for speed. Now I run 2-3 times a week and longer distances than I ever thought I'd accomplish.

So this leads into the following questions about my 2019 goals:
Why am I doing this? Because it's the best idea ever. I get to see new places. I get to go on trains and use my railcard.

Most importantly, I have an excuse to eat a lot while I'm visiting these places because I need those extra calories. Or so I tell myself.
Why 10k? This is the longest distance…