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Great Manchester Run 10k

Manchester marks my 3rd best time and 2nd best for the year. Also, a lot of eating.
Why Manchester A few reasons:
Manchester is a major UK city I haven't been to, and I only need to take one train to get to it.
Weirdly, I was interested in the Great Manchester Run because it was so expensive compared to the others. It was £38. Even though I'm trying to be frugal on these trips, I wanted to see what could be so glorious about this run for it to cost so much.

I also wanted to discover what my alternative Mancunian life would have been like. By that I mean that the University of Manchester was the only other UK university besides Edinburgh I had received an offer from. I had never visited it, though, so I've always wondered if I even would have liked the place if I ended up going there.
The journey Finally, no drama to report. The train left 3 minutes late and arrived on time.

The only thing worth mentioning was that this train was so busy, people were already standing in the…